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exe.dmg (verify "Good" for integrity check). I want to be able to delete the dmg file, and have a clean, freshly-built copy of the vmware-vmx-modders-client-1.8.0-0-0-0.pkg that is guaranteed to boot without errors. To be clear, I do not need help cracking this file, but rather a simple way to confirm that the.dmg file contents are identical to the.pkg contents. In other words, I'd like to just be able to run the integrity check on the.pkg file that comes with this.dmg file to get the same hash that VMware will show you when you open the.dmg file. Is this possible, or would the.dmg file be a different hash from the.pkg file? A: Yes, it is possible and it's trivial. For example, if you open the package and look in Contents, you see that it's a single package for the installer and a binary. If you unpackage the dmg file, you see just the installer, and if you open the installer, you see a Contents folder. To compare the Contents folder, you just have to compare the files in the Contents folder. The only difference between the dmg file and the package is that the package is already unpacked. Of course, once you have the package, you can run it as-is to do whatever you want. Q: Is it legal to add a side effect of ‘for free’ to an optimization? Suppose I have a variable x that is optimized to b. Is it legal to add a side effect that is only legal if x is not optimized? If it is, is this allowed for non-reentrant code or is it considered a non-optimized function? In my case, I want to pass an argument to a function, check for optimization and, if x is optimized, return some side effect. I think a better way to think about optimizations is that they are usually done to speed up your code, or make it do fewer operations. They don't really have to do anything with non-reentrant code (except that you're not allowed to make calls to functions which are not reentrant). So your problem really is with the language's built-in




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